Pinkwashing to brainwash anyone of you~


What is actually “pinkwashing” mean to you? Literally, the practice of “pinkwashing” is referring to the companies and non-profit groups as the leaders to confront breast cancer and in a meantime it might be also having the possibility of bringing up the breast cancer’s rates. As a matter of fact, this practice has actually adopting pink color and pink ribbon on different products to increase their sales and profit while engaging to support breast cancer research.  For example, KFC, Avon, Estee Lauder, Campbell’s soup, M&M and etcetera which are from diverse companies have become “Susan G Komen for the cure”. Do these products which have adopted with pink could become the cure for them? Apparently, I am strongly disagree because “pinkwashing” seems to be an unethical practice due to it is just gaining their companies’ sales profit and the diseases seems like did not change for the better. Hence, it is somehow misleading the public with these products because some of the products like cosmetic has carried potential harmful chemical which will lead to increasing rate of breast cancer.  What’s more, I am totally agree on Professor Darin Wike who has stated that “the likelihood that a woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime increases every year; pinkwashing does not really do anything to reduce that likelihood, but it does certainly increase the bottom line of the companies that are participating in the practice of it.” (Wike 2012) It is true that various companies have take advantage in it to maximize the sales of the products but there is a doubt on why those companies will choose not to undertake or assurance on eradicating the dangerous and harmful chemical from the products? Somehow, this practice could have just destroyed the reputation of what a company should do due to the misused of pink ribbon on products eventually. 



Does this make sense? Smoke in PINK. Cure for the breast cancer? Ridiculous.



Lubitow, A & Davis, M 2011, “Pastel Injustice: the corporate use of pinkwashing for profit”, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 139-144.

Wike, D 2012, “Pinkwashing: Cashing in on Breast Cancer”, pp.10, viewed 10 April 2013


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