Future Journalism, Yes or No?


As we have seen the news that posted at Internet, blogs and other social media source, are they have become valuable content for us to read? I would say yes.  It is because I believe these who known as the citizen journalists, engaging on the practices of journalism must have their own principle behind on writing the news or stories. No doubt, the media is converging and turning into a powerful communication form to the public. For example, people used to read newspaper at home but now, majority of the people have smart phone and tend to read E-news. ‘It is a mode of communication that allows them to ‘to talk to each other’ about what is happening in their surroundings.’ (Kabilan 2009) Hence, reading the news from citizen journalist is something more fresh and interesting because they can comment and reply to each other opinions.

Sometimes, people might think citizen journalist are just bombarding on certain issue. However, I personally think that they are not bombarding but it is just the way they write could be different compare to the professional journalist. They are just telling their opinion and thinking in a direct manner. Notwithstanding, they are the citizen journalism; they need to be ready to accept ‘audience insight is also the foundation of an important cultural shift across platforms.’ (Miller & Hayward 2009) Who knows one day the people who just read about newspaper will find out that news from online media are way more interesting and convincing? It is not just reading a sheet of fact, but it is about the discussion among the world.

“Most journalists, even the generally critical ones, had positive things to say about the inclusion of users as a new source”. (Quandt 2011) This means even some of the professional journalists accepts the involvement of online media. It might have become a platform for them to refer in natural manner. What’s more, I think increasing of citizen journalism will be in continuous situation because blogging, Facebook, Twitter and others have become very common to the society nowadays. Therefore, I think there might be cooperation between professional and citizen journalism in the future. It is not just about the online media and print media, but it is the journalism attitude. 


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