This is the end- BCM310

Well, this is the last post for BCM310 blogging! Anyways, I am appreciate Ms Rohayu has given us this assignment which I have gained a lot of knowledge about various issues. For example, pinkwashing, self-regulation, future of journalism, white bread media and et cetera. Apparently, I have ‘emerged’ myself in knowing these issues by blogging each topic.

Frankly speaking, whenever I see the word ‘issues’ I feel curious because there are so many issues in this world. This gave me to wonder what issues can be discussed. And now I know after Ms Rohayu gave us the topic, all I have to do is read the journal to increase my knowledge and do the blogging to enhance my writing skill on the issue. There are a lot of topics have given me challenges yet interesting to know. For example, I never know pinkwashing has its converse side which certain company is actually selling every product with a pink ribbon in order to gain profits and the breast cancer is still going on until now. This topic has made me on realizing the ethical of a company should have which they should have to find the way to cure the breast cancer instead of just gaining the profit.

E-waste is another topic that surprised me. Why? It is because I did not know electronic product is actually can be recycled. Until I have read about journals, now I only know that basically some of the consumer of certain electronic product would like to recycle in profit. Like how? They will sell to interested parties to earn money. Well, this could be a better way to reduce the environment issues and people health issues as well. Besides this two topics, there are a lot of topics that I have done previously have given me a broader perspective in looking certain matters.

Anyways, I found out BCM310 is a really interesting subject. I can learn a lot from that and especially I would like to thank Ms Rohayu. It is because she is a really wonderful lecturer who has make BCM310 into an amazing and fun subject. I have no regrets at all to have this subject, it just keep increasing my knowledge with all these blog post.  I will end this blog in two words, thank you and good bye! 



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